Fitness day

After so much sitting in the van covering the miles we decided today was the start of a 5 days fitness campaign. We therefore didn’t get up until 9.30 just to make sure we had enough energy to get through the day:)

As soon as the mist starting lifting we headed out on the bikes towards the sea. It was quite a bit further by bike than it was in the van 2 days before – but we finally got there to find we were at the top of the cliff not on the beach. Rode the bikes around the cliff path but it was just a bit too scary with the drops a few feet from the path. It was a sand path so I kept getting the bike tyres stuck, whilst BMX boy seemed to cope much better. We rode the cliff path for a bit then turned back and headed to the village. I posted some birthday cards – after I had Iain tells me its someone’s personal post box for their house??!! Oh well if it was then they are opening a couple of lovely birthday cards tomorrow.

Cycled back to campsite to find we had done 2 hours and 45 minutes out on the bikes – as soon as we saw the time we both felt knackered – strange as we felt fine when we though we had been an hour and a half.

After lunch we sat outside the van in the peace and sunshine – so 6 of the campsite workers appear and start to dig massive holes along the edge of our pitch. We have no idea why all we could gather from them was the words “Colin McRae” everytime they shot off on their golf buggy to get more sand. Cheerful souls though who tend to dig for around 5 minutes, stop and rest and have a ciggy for 10 minutes and then start the digging again, and so on.

Come 4.30pm our fitness bug kicked back in and we were off to the indoor pool. Lovely and warm and only us there. After 10 minutes the “wave pool” thing starts. Oh my god! I was terrified!! Iain bobbing around in the waves happy as larry – me clinging to the sides trying to look cool when I am infact having a real hissy fit that I could drown in under 6 ft of warm water. To make it worse 2 kids of about 10 years old then get in – and they bob around too, so obviously its just me in the midst of sheer panic. Iain keeps shouting ‘you OK?’ I keep shouting ‘yeah loving it’ but me thinks the look of fear tells the truth as he suggests we get out after 15 minutes of being thrown around Titanic style.  We will leave the wave bit tomorrow and go for a swim before that all starts.

A few photos from yesterday and today attached in the gallery – yes there are log fires in the cafes and yes we love it in there when the cloud are out:)


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