Campsite heaven

This has to be the campsite Heineken would run if they didn’t just make beer!

Pitches are big, running water, a waste drain etc then walk 2 minutes and its like a proper resort. Swimming pools, Spa, tennis, restaurant – in fact pretty much everything you could want (except loo seats and proper roasting hot water ) all set in log cabin type buildings. They call it an Eco campsite but I think that just means they justify tepid showers by blaming the solar panels for not heating the water too well at this time of year.

There is a sky walk thing across a gorge – rope bridges type of thing like Go Ape – Iain plans on doing it – I very certainly won’t be. I don’t even think I can watch him do it – makes my stomach turn thinking of it.

Most amazingly there are other people here! We were beginning to think no one else was camping in this country. Mainly Spanish and Dutch motor homes and quite a few Portuguese in the chalets.

So today we mostly did not much. We rode our bikes around the perimeter of the site which took 35 minutes. Went for coffee which cost 75 cents ( so Iain was over the moon at the cheapness) then sat outside under the awning. Its great we sat there in T shirts sunning ourselves – Spanish family next door have several layers of clothes on at all times. These people need to get that 18 degrees does not warrant a scarf and hat – they should try Wales in December.

So now we have 7 days here – time to chill and safe budget by not using fuel as we have hammered the mileage with nearly 1200 miles in the last 10 days.

Hope the winds have eased off back in Scotland – and happy 72 birthday Dad xx

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