Busy Day!

Today’s been quite an hectic – but fun day!
We were up pretty early (for us!) at about 8.30 and on the road for about 9.15 after plotting a route CAREFULLY avoiding the dreaded Portagems (those new style Toll roads, that you don’t know you’re on till its too bloody late and can’t pay for afterwards!)  The plotted route, meticulously followed by Sandra on the maps (GOD knows how, on a 4km:1cm  AA crappy road atlas, bless her) got us to within 5km of destination 200+km away before we got lost 🙂 (wasn’t San’s fault either, the road was being rebuilt (like the rest of Spain & Portugals roads, no wonder the poor old Euro is in such a state!)  and we ended up on a 5km detour down a (literally) dirt track barely wide enuff for poor old Dora in places that was as rough as a bears backside!!! – not bad, considering that, 2km previously, this same route had been a 4 lane dual carrageway!
We’d started off this morning on 40km of the old main road, winding through the valleys to Santarem to join the Motorway south (which we KNEW was Tolled, but this is in the “old” style, tollbooths and pay machines. No Problem ……. until the other end produced a bill of €18 for about 100km – but worth every cent (i guess 😦 ) as it was a superb bit of motorway that was totally EMPTY (not really surprising at €18!) that avoided the whole of the Lisbon area totally, after which it was about 50km of the old main roads (and farm tracks!) again to reach our eventual destination of Zmar Eco Campsite. (www.zmar.eu)  – WHAT a fabulous site this is – must be the best we’ve stayed on – EVER. All facilities on hand, only ONE minus – the bog seat syndrome strikes again 😦  Go see the website to see just HOW good this place is!

Hopefully we’ll be able to get some DECENT photos up over the next day or two, now we’re on ‘tinternet – watch this site…………

More tomorrow when we’ve been for a Sauna (or a Jakuzi, or a swim, or a massage – who knows 🙂 ) – and it’s all in the price of €18 a night – sort of puts the cost of toll roads into the past, doesn’t it! 😉
see ya, 4 now

oh, and as a postscript to today – no flies in the ‘van any more – they’ve been superseded by, yes, you’ve guessed it, a bleedin’ mosquito, that’s had us BOTH (several times!) in the last 24 hours….. and is STILL ON THE LOOSE as i type this ……. but –  i’ll get the bugga!


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