Drama of the day – first brush with the Polizia :)

After a million different pieces of advice of the Auto Tolls we to the local Post Office today to try and get a TAG. They didn’t sell them so needed to go to the city centre – Iain accepts offer to follow some woman we don’t know from Eve to the city centre (at this stage I sense we are being lured to a cult never to be seen again). However 15 mins later smack bang in the centre – uhhh where to park? We drive up into a residential area and Iain leaves me and van to go back to post office.

People don’t seem to like me being parked here and mumble at me. Then a man on a moped stops and walks to the van. He motions to open window or get out – I motion ‘no way Jose’. He asks through window can he help – so at this I lower window. He asks if I have problems and if so can he help as he is a Policeman (he really doesn’t look like one). Well he asked for it – I tell him the whole saga of Portagem and how we can’t pay and that Iain is shopping (mostly in English but the few Portuguese words I know thrown in fairly randomly). He starts to explain something about tolls – so I hit him with the “nao comprendeer” at which he nods, smiles and gets back on his moped and clears off pronto – cheers pal. Anyway still no bloody toll tag but we keep trying.

This afternoon walked into Foz Do Arelho. Went to the mini Mercado for some shopping all ready to try our Portuguese – but the bloke beat us to it with his perfect English. We ignored the Irish Bar and walked on to a locals cafe bar. Ordered my drink and before could order Iain’s the barmaid broke into perfect English – will these people please let us speak the lingo a bit!

Now back at site and trying to convince Iain we could have a holiday home here. Its a beautiful village with lots of bars, close to the sea and seems very laid back and friendly – Iain is ignoring me :).

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One thought on “Drama of the day – first brush with the Polizia :)

  1. Lol.. Loved this story.. Always read your blog before bedtime ( suppose this is my bedtime reading) actually better than a book. Pics are good too… We still not had snow here on the east coast, but the rest of Scotland has!!.. Big day tmrw , putting my Xmas tree up haha.. Hope you have took one with you too .. Happy hols x


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