I can shop in Portuguese!

Well almost – I was intrepid and went to the butchers counter armed only with my Portuguese Phrase phone app. We will now be eating chicken breast for 3 months as that’s all I can ask for so far! Whole conversation without speaking English loudly and slowly as I normally would 🙂 ruined right at the end when I hadn’t looked up the word for carrier bag and did a weird mime of someone licking their fingers and rubbing a bag to try and open it.

So we left that village and moved on about 80 miles to Tomar. We are now at Camping Redondo (Google it – its fab). Proper shower and loo -yay, and even a washing machine so we squeezed 2 loads in. We are sitting in the sunshine with the farm donkeys 10 ft away looking back at us. Tiny site with just us on so far, its an Olive orchard and the pitches between the trees. A little bar and swimming pool and nothing much else – this is what we were looking for. There is even an outdoor gym and yes Iain had a go – see photo.

Iain currently washing up at the block and hanging out washing – does it get any better? Probably the warmest its been so far – around 70 degrees according the ‘weather app’. Walked around the village and its beautiful with a couple of bars and a church and nothing much else.

The sheep have bells round their necks – and its going to become annoying if they don’t stop wandering around ringing!

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5 thoughts on “I can shop in Portuguese!

  1. Pics are really good.. My friend lives in Spain and her and most of the spanish people avoid the tolls too, they are always empty .. While you and Iain ate enjoying the sunshine , think I’m waking up to snow tmrw!! .. Have fun x


    • ………………………………………….I love the snow so envy you waking up to a blanket of white. We met an English couple this morning who stayed on a site a bit further north in Spain last night and they woke up to snow! Its bound to catch us eventually.



  2. Loving the updates they’re great!! Just watching the X-factor semi final – pity you’re not watching it – arrh the challenges of being in the warmth for 3 months!! I’m on countdown its 9 weeks and 1 day now and we’ll be in the warmth (hopefully)!!!! Ban iain from all raindances from Christmas!! Keep eating the chicken!!!! have fun xx


    • Trust me I have X Factor withdrawal here – resorted to watching Twitter trends to see how it went 🙂 Under 9 weeks now ! X


  3. 70 degrees? What does that mean? You can cook food outside in the ambient temperature?

    Please add a temperature conversion chart to your website 🙂

    Am very jealous of your travels! I might actually get a holiday next year 🙂


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