Beware the Portugeese toll roads!

Lesson 1 – When in Portugal, don’t believe all you read & see about their toll roads in the UK – “Only some Motorways” said the AA website, so I duly carefully marked all the ones they said were tolled, only to come onto the first A class road in the country and find that tolls being introduced on 8th Dec…….. Relief, we’ve missed it by 4 days – 120km later, take turning onto another, more minor, “A” road to find it now a motorway class dual carrageway, NO WAY to get back off, AND electronic (photo) toll gates in use – and I’ve not got a bloody electronic tag for the ‘van. Stuffed! You’re thru the gantry and being charged without a tag! And to make it worse, even the locals don’t seen to know how to go about paying the tolls retrospectively – ” locals don’t use the toll roads” (great, IF you know where they are and how to avoid the bloody things!) HoHum, no doubt a letter from Portugal waiting when we get home? ….. Visit to local PO on monday to get a tag I guess, ……. And was going to be so careful to avoid ALL the toll roads too.
Still, the sun’s shining, so who gives a monkeys really πŸ™‚

Posted by Iain via BlackBerry.


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