Days around the Lakes

The campsite here takes over 240 units but there have been 2 or 3 at most so very quiet. The bars, cafe etc all shut for the winter – and for some reason no toilet seats! God I hate that – does someone put them away for the winter or do they get stolen? That aside it an ok site and all €11 a night all in a bargain.

Anyway, we have walked along the lake in both directions and its very like the Brennig with nothing but a track around the edge and lots of fishing going on. Today we walked to the head of the reservoir and back – 2 hours and didn’t see a soul all the way.

The town is about 5 miles away, perched on top of a hill. Cobbled streets you can just get a car down – no we didn’t try Dora on the streets after the “getting stuck episode” of last year. Its very like a postcard of Portugal, white houses on sides of hills, elderly Portuguese men on street benches smoking and women with baskets of veg on their heads and every garden has chickens.

As we have exhausted the attractions here we are moving on tomorrow – not sure where just yet.

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