Well we didnt last long in the North

Hmmm we can stay in Northern Spain for a week he says? It was a little chillier this morning when we woke up – so someone felt the need to head South. Nearly 400 miles later we are now in Portugal! Knew we wouldn’t last a week in the North.

Fabulous drive down with hardly anything on the roads. We saw 1 British registered vehicle all day. For the spotters we saw 9 Buzzards, 2 Kestrels, 18 Red Kites and 3 Azure Magpies. We also saw several concrete bulls on the sides of motorways – not sure what that is about? Stopped for lunch in a picnic area and realised same one we used last year – spooky with so many in so many miles.

Got to the Portuguese border and its just wrong not stopping and showing your passport. Not a soul there just drove through. Diesel went up 20 cents a litre after we crossed, good job we filled up in Spain (said the man from Yorkshire!).

Stunning drive through Portugal and now on site at Idanha next to the Lake. We are on the East side of Portugal a fairly straight line from Lisbon – nearest big town is Portalegre about 70 miles away. Massive campsite and just us and one other couple on site – so a peaceful couple of days we think πŸ™‚
Now let’s pray its warm enough so we don’t have to go North again if its sunnier there……

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2 thoughts on “Well we didnt last long in the North

  1. Are you sure that you didn’t just take a wrong turn on the way to Portugal and end up in Milton Keynes with the concrete cows?


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