chilly mornings!

Really good nights’ sleep on Sopenia campsite, it’s soooo quiet here, fabulous. Woke up about 8.30 (just coming light!) Absolutely freezing cold, to hell with the expense, heating ON for an hour! Sun finally through light cloud cover about 11.30 and instant warmth, heaven. Came back to campsite from morning stroll around the village (beautiful place!) to be greeted by strong american accent of one of the “locals” – totally confused me for a minute!
Looks like an afternoon of Sandra birdspotting & me sunbathing coming up, as T` now abt 15-16c.

Posted by Iain via BlackBerry.


2 thoughts on “chilly mornings!

    • Weetabix Chick, remember them? REAL breakfast food – with extra Bran and loadsa fresh fruit – perfect!
      Oats v Wheat? no contest 😉


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