Managed to get a weekend booking at Chatsworth caravan site, which is rarer than hens teeth.

On arrival we could see why, the campsite is lovely all you would expect with good facilties etc. But the main draw s you are actually at Chatsworth on the estate. The campsite is in a massive walled area, you are given a kkey which opens a gate and through this is a path to Chatsworth House, its the most imposing and stunning country pile I have yet to see.

It took us 10 minutes to walk along and we were pleasantly surprised to find it wasn’t too expensive to go into the house, well worthwhile as it was decorated for Christmas. The grounds, miles of parks and pathway, shops, greenhouses are all free though so we had a full day between them all, We found that the Christmas Fayre was on next day so we planned to come back and park Dora at the Fayre for a mooch around.

Day 2 we walked to Chatsworth Farm Shop. From the campsite it was footpaths over to the estate village of Edensor. We stopped off at the village church to see the grave of Kick Kennedy (sister of JFK and Marchioness of Hartington). From there its a short stroll to the farm shop which was amazing. Not sure there was any food we couldn’t have bought. Every meat imaginable, cheeses by the hundred, freshbreads etc. etc. etc. Even if we hadnt been to the house then the shop would have made the visit worthwhile.

Last day and we moved the van round to the carpark so we could pop into the Chrstimas ayre, There were maybe 30-40 stalls but everyone sold beautiful handmade gifts such as ragdolls, knitted good, wooden toys and loads of chocolates and sweets. Really busy and an amazing atmosphere with carols playing in the background.

This must be one of the best weekends every – we will do this again for sure.



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