Day 1

Today we set off for our second European adventure in Dora,  destination the blub fields on Holland. Aiming for the ‘when in Rome’ approach the bikes are on the back of the van – all planning ends there. We haven’t really thought about campsites working on the theory of we will see somewhere to stay and if not we can panic later.

Good run down to Dover and a night stopover at Solleys Farm CL just outside Deal at Great Mongeham. We spent the evening at chez Driver where Wendy, Jess, Graham and Nick treated us to a very lovely lasagne and a good few hours catching up with news.  Away reasonably handy as we are on the 9am ferry in the morning from Dover East, we need to stop off at Tesco on the way for essentials such as Weetabix and coffee.

Day 2

Loved getting the ferry from Dover, many years since I have wandered the docks, its all changed a fiar bit but love the sense of anticipation waiting to board. We were suitably impressed with Norfolk Lines and with the food, a good 2 hour crossing where seas were exceptionally kind to us. We arrived Dunkerque early afternoon and decided it was time to make a plan of where to go, Bekgium border seems a fair idea so we headed out and aimed the van towards Ostende.

Whilst we were only a spit and a hop from the Kent coast it all seems so ‘foreign’, different styles of housing, the countryside, they way people dress etc. Its fairly amazing that there is such a difference in few short miles. We pulled off the main road into Westende as our trust ACSI campsite book showed several campsites. The irst one we tried was open and looked fine for a night, we booked in along with a few other vans and decided to make the most of the spring sunshine and get the bikes down. A short ride from the campsite we got to Westende Promenade, here we found the reason why only a few motorhome son site – the othe couple of hundred were free camping on the promenade, will remember that for next time. A sign showed its allowed until the end of May. We cycle the promande right through to Ostende. Absolutely stunning, loads of cafe bars, shops and people strolling in the sunshine.  Back to camp and time for a visit to the loos – ladies is locked? go to reception to be told by the owner he is only opening one set of loos as not enough people staying to open both. That’s lovely then to get to the showers you have to walk through the gent urinals which are in use? yes he says should be ok!!

Day 3

So we are moving on as a) I am freaked out with the toilet/ shower, b) destination is still Holland – we like the look at Domburg.  Found a campsite just a mile outside which was right by the sea, loads of cafes and bars and absolutely packed with people just walking around having cake and coffee and enjoying the sunshine. We cycled around the village then





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