home via Mablethorpe & Hope Valley

Well a long day at Auto-trail and nothing much seems sorted. They think it no longer smells, we think it does. No more being said on the matter as it just causes stress.

We headed down the coast and decided to have a look for site Skegness way. Not much open at this time of year and what is really didn’t appeal to us. We struck lucky though finding an amazing little site just outside Mablethorpe. Arklow CL is the best CL to date. Immaculate, great big pitches and the best walk in showers ever. They restored our faith in the area.

From there we headed into the Peak district and Losehill CC site just outside Castleton. Another brilliant site, warm facilities when its freezing out are a godsend. We walked into Castleton and were so glad we did. Lovely little village with a few good shops, nice cafes and beautiful stone buildings. It was the absolute picture of how a Peaks village should look. We walked back along a footpath, managing to get a bit lost until we found the railway line and struggled back soaked for a roast dinner in the van.

Later on we drive up to Tideswell to see the Cathedral in the Peaks.


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