Up early to catch the little fery over to Jura for a night. On arrival as the quay the ferryman warned us to be careful we didnt ‘bottom out’ getting up the ramp. Not sure anything much bigger than our 6metres would get on (although there were 40ft artic’s think its more the overhang on the campers that causes a problem). Its a 10 minute jounrey across and believe it or not its a culture shock even after Islay.

Once we let the other ferry traffic pass us there wasn’t a car on the roads. Apparently there are 180 people live on the island, slightly outnumbered by 5000 deer. We ambled along to the ‘main’ town of Craighouse. Ok we are a bit of heaven here – tiny with a little shop, a hotel, a cafe and the Jura distillery all within yards of each other. Very few house, a little pier and glorious sunshine. We popped into the cafe for lunch – The Antlers -and learned all we need to know from the owner in minutes, so friendly. The cafe has only been open a year and serves wonderful cakes, we like it here:)

The campsite is at the hotel so we walked over to book in – epic fail by Sandra – it is a ‘Campsite’ – not a caravan park, oops didn’t research that too well! Luckily the lovely receptionist suggests we stop over on the pier that the hotel owns, no charge, no worries just genuinely wanting to get us sorted, made our day.

So we treat ourselves to dinner in the hotel and so glad we did food was amazing. Sat next to a group of wild swimmers who are off to swim the Corryvreckan Whirlpool at the north of the island – nutters! The boat owner spends the evening telling us that it’s his boat in the tv program about wild swimming where Robson Green swims the whirlpool. Tired and full campers back to the pier for a quiet and free night’s sleep.

In the morning we drive as far up the island as the road allows, not too far to be fair. Wind has picked up and its not too appealing being buffeted around so we head back to town for the Jura distillery tour. Only us as the others booked haven’t turned up. A really good tour that last over an hour. We discover that Jura barrels are used barrels from Jack Daniels – ah so that’s why I like both:) Tour ends and we cannot help but purchase a bottle to take home.

Absolutely love this island and it is another one we will come back to. The people are the most friendly and welcoming over. There is a total lack of vehicles and the views are awesome. Jura scores top marks from Baxter Bus.


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