Mull of Kintyre

The ferry leaves from just up the road from the campsite and we are first in the queue. That counts for nothing when they decided its too windy to sail! We sit on the edge of the road (no real harbour as such) and watch the clouds and fog for 2 hours. Dont want to lose our place as the ferry is tiny and there is now 3 ferry loads waiting. At lunchtime the ferry arrives and weather calms right down – thank god. Its a short hop of 30 minutes over to Claonaig on the Mull.

Arrival and for us its another island, although strictly speaking its part of the mainland. First we head for the 13th century Skipness Castle just a stone throw from ferry arrival. First  positive – its free to enter, loving it when you are on a budget. Mainly ruins but plenty to see and you can climb the walls (he did I obviously wouldn’t). A fairly bleak day but surprisingly a fair few people around the castle.

Then its time to head South to find somewhere to stay the night. First campsite we come across is Carradale Bay CS.

What a find, beautiful site set out in the sand dunes, we can just glimpse the see from our pitch. Lovely warden who gets us set up quickly and leaves us to brew up whilst we contemplate the amazing views. Iain decided he would like a drink so we decide to walk into the nearby village, problems one we don’t actually check how to get there first!

Scotland2010 (80)

We head out along the beach and see signs to a village, we follow them but see what we think is a shortcut, it wasnt! we miss the village and end up on a footpath to nowhere. Well to be fair the worst routes often find the best places. We come across a tiny hamlet with a typical stone Scottish hotel in the middle of nowhere right by a beach. We knock and ask and the owner says we can have a drink in the bar. Its amazing, its perfect – more tartan than you can imagine. The Dunvalanree Hotel – if you find it go there you wont regret it (but don’t have your drink outside in a sea of midges as we did – big massive mistake!!!)


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