Cambletown to Machrihanish

Next day we head into Cambletown for a bit of shopping. Nice enough town which has maybe seen better days. Lunch in one of the old hotels was very nice and the harbour looks busy with plenty of big fishing vessels around. Would say its not really a tourist town though so we decided to head for destination “Mull of Kintyre Lighthouse”.

Followed signs along little lanes for several miles, excitement growing as we only have 2 miles to go then major obstacle – bridge with a 3.5 ton weight limit! Yup that counts us out and we are risking it, our luck would be it collapses. So quite dejected we head to Machrihanish for the night.

What a campsite – set just back from probably one of the most beautiful beaches we have ever seen. Only a few other campers so its peaceful if a little windy. We head down to the Bird Watch station, which is closed but we glimpse something large in the water – only about 12 seals 10ft off the beach. Watched then for ages just enjoying baking in the sun. We walked along the beach for miles and miles and saw only one other person and a jellyfish. This has to be worth a visit again – top beach. Machrihanish


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